Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions!~ LOl

I have several resolutions I plan to try and work on in the upcoming year. One priority will be to post more to my blog. In May I had another EchoCardiogram and the test results were not so good. Not sure how things will go in the months ahead. So, for the sake of my children I will add to this as often as I can so they will have something of me in a printable form to use and share with each other if things go wrong sometime in the future.

Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Albert is going home today!~ Praise The Lord!~

My niece Samantha has been through so much the last few months. Her mom, my sister Nancy passed away on September 23rd. The day we went to make funeral arrangements for Nancy, Sam's husband ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. He got better and was doing good for several weeks. Last Saturday he ended up back in the hospital with pneumonia again. He is getting out of the hospital again today. I know the emotional burden Sam has carried during the last few months of her young life has been great. I am so thankful for prayer partners who believed with me this past few days. Albert is going home and has been blessed. Praise God!~ My God is Able!~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Glory to God!~

I was listening to a radio program a couple of days ago on Creationism. I was pondering the message and it baffles me that there are people who actually think we evolve from monkeys, or lions, or rabbits, or snakes. hmmm

I did not evolve from a monkey, so I will try not to act like one.
I did not evolve from a lion, so I will not devour, roar, or destroy as one.
I did not evolve from a rabbit so I will not pro-create as such.
I did not evolve from a snake so I will not slither, poison, or defile as such.

I am a unique creation of the Great I Am. Made in His image as mankind is I hope to reflect his goodness, mercy, and compassion to my fellow man.
I am a child of The King, and will conduct myself as part of a royal family.
I am His and He is mine. I will remember this at all times.
I am Blessed to have found my way back to the foot of the cross, and I will rejoice without ceasing.

When He created the universe, the earth and all therein, He had me and you in mind. A Father who made a dwelling place for his loved ones.
When He breathes life into me on a daily basis, I will be thankful and remember this blessing.
When He sent Jesus to live, teach, touch and die on the cross, He had me in mind. I will be a blessing to those who have yet to realize his magnitude and compassion, and His love.
When He touches the world around me with his large and small miracles, I will be mindful and give thanks and praise to Him.

Glory to God!~
Glory to God!~
Glory to God!~
Glory to God!~

Recommended reading: Genesis ch. 1

"The Truth shall set you free."

finally got my password and whatnot fixed! whew!~

I made it in here after months of chaos. one thing for certain, no one is reading this blog now as it has been months since i posted. lol oh, well...i will continue to use it as a personal journal for the kids in the years ahead.

MY God Is ABLE!~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How time flies...

Today is my oldest grandson J's 22nd birthday. It boggles my mind that he is that old and that I too am so much older. He has a little boy, my BoBo who just turned three the end of last month.

AS is routinely said, I do remember when. I remember when he could not go to sleep and asked if he could sleep with me. J was the first one to call me Mema. A name that is known by all of the grandkids and everyone they associate with too. Even other kids' parents call me Mema. I can remember He was the one who was always dragging some friend home for supper, or to spend the night, or the week-end, or a few days. He was always trying to rescue some kid. He was big for his age and it was a real hindrance when he was very little. Everyone tried to treat him like he was older. But, after he got in school it was a blessing. Most of the bullies left him alone, and if a bully was tormenting someone he would rush to the rescue.

In his teen years he developed attitude and anger issues.(He is really working on that one). I guess all teens do that to some degree or other. His just lasted longer than most. lol In his teens He was always the one who wanted to rescue friends that were in trouble with life or friends, or parents. Even now, one of his best friends is a kid a few years younger who spent so much time at our house when he was little, he did not know we were not his grandparents. lol He even helped this one get a job a couple months ago with the company where he works .

He's always been very social. In fact it was a bit to his downfall. Too busy wanting to socialize to study. Now, it is a part of his life and who he is today. He still spends a lot of his free time trying to take care of his friends.

I wish so many things for him and his family. I so wish that he would get back in church. he went all the time when he was younger. Then as a teen he did not want to go and I made him. In fact, even if he had someone over on Saturday night, and he did all the time, I made him and his visiting friend(s) go to church. He told me that is why he doesn't go now. We all know the excuses.

But, I have to believe that those few times those kids went to church may someday help them survive in a time of crisis. And, I believe that at some point he too will find his way back to the foot of the cross. One thing is for sure, He knows the truth and someday, even if I have gone on, he will know where to look to find himself. And where to go to find me and how to get there. :)

In the meantime, I just keep praying for him, for his baby, my BoBo, and Baby Mamma. A Grandmothers prayer!~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jacob and thoughts on the time of his death. (Genesis)

I was reading the end of Genesis ch48, this morning and I found a couple of scriptures that caught my attention. Jacob blessed Joseph's children, then blessed Joseph. Then in 48:16 he says "The Angel which redeemed me from all evil, ..." So, I looked at the cross reference verse and went to ch28:16. There it referred to the well know story of Jacobs Ladder. What caught my eye was the mention of the Ladder. The Angels of God were ascending and descending the Ladder from heaven, while God stood above and talked to Jacob. It made me think that Angels of God are 1) traveling back and from heaven to earth constantly,2) to do his will, and 3) they do not fly. Silly thoughts? Maybe. But, it made me stop and think. It also made me wonder if we will find quiet time, knowing that the angels are ascending and descending to minister to us, if we listen, can we hear the voice of God in our lives. I think it is worth a try to find quiet time with him.

The other thing I found in ch49 was after blessing Joseph and his sons, Jacob blessed his other sons. Then scripture tells that, "he gathered up his feet into the bed, and yielded up the ghost, and was gathered unto his people." He was blessed to know it was his time and blessed with the opportunity to give his children and grandchildren blessing and guidance. I don't remember reading this as a blessing given to any one else in the Bible immediately prior to their death. But, then the Ladder happened to only him too. He was blessed to be the inheritor of Abraham's blessing and that led to his being blessed over and over in his life. It led to his descendants such as Joseph being blessed and touched by the hand of God many times over.

I think of the events leading up to the Exodus from Egypt. Moses being saved by the daughter of Pharoah. Moses and the burning bush. All the plagues poured upon the Egyptians as a result of their imprisonment of the children of Israel. The Passover. The amazing parting of the Red sea , the pillar, the cloud, the manna from heaven, the quail, and the water from the rock. They were blessed with the Aaronic priesthood during this journey, taught sacrifice for sin, healings by direction and so many other blessings. The Ten Commandments. Direction for the House of God, i.e., the Tabernacle. The Sabbath. Laws to live by as an organized society blessed by God. The Covenant. Praise God!~ Moses blessed to behold God's glory.

Even modern day physicians use the emblem of the pole with the snake on it, which is also from a Biblical promise that occurred during their journey. Gong back farther into Biblical events we know that Abraham believed God's promise of his children being born by barren elderly Sarah, his wife, and so all of his decendants were blessed. Just the descendants of Abraham. But God had promised Abraham that all the nations of the earth would be blessed.

Genesis 22:18.
And in they seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.

And in one earth shattering life, Jesus was born, lived, was crucified on the cross, died and rose from the dead. By his blood sacrifice, all of mankind was blessed. I don't know why all of this is on my mind, but, here it is and I just thought I should write it down in my blog.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Claiming these Biblical verses. Philippians 1:6 &John 18:9

Philippians 1:6
Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

As I drove home from dropping my granddaughter off at school this morning, I was listening to Adrian Rodgers preaching on the radio. The sermon was on having confidence that he will see us through all obstacles in our faith walk.

But, for me as I meditated on the words of this verse I found that it holds promise not only for me but for my loved ones as well. I believe that his good work in my life started at a very early age. And, although the battle raged and still rages over my faith walk, I have seen how God has placed his hand on my life so many times over the years. I have been through so many trials, tribulations and testing that it is a wonder my scars are not pasted all over my person. But, here in my 58th year I walk closer to him that ever before. I seek him, I strive to be the Christian I should be. I still stumble, but, the "good work" he begun in me as a small child has seen me through and to a faith place that carries me and will carry me on.

So, knowing this, I believe that the "good work" he has begun in the lives of my husband, my son, my daughter, all my grandchildren, and even my great grandson will be fulfilled before the coming of Christ Jesus. I have lived to see and acknowledge the "good work" he has begun in three of my sisters and some of their children and grandchildren. Other relatives too. I just did not recognize it at the time and only now can see these times were but beginnings. He is the "Alpha" and "Omega", i.e., the beginning and the end in all things. All things includes those he has called out, and I have lived to see him call out some of my loved ones.

I also realize they will go through good times, and those times of testing, trial, and or tribulation. He brought me through and I know he will bring them through too. Oh, what comfort my Jesus brings.

John 18:9
That the saying might be fulfilled, which he spake, Of them which thou gavest me HAVE I LOST NONE.

Even in the Garden of Gethsemane when they came to arrest him, he protected his sheep the disciples. I think this scripture applies to all that have come to him in their lives. After his blood was shed on the Cross his claim on his sheep was bound not only in heaven, but, on earth as well. So, all those loved ones of mine struggling to find their way will one day, now or later, find their way back to the foot of the cross just like I did. Yes, the battle rages on, but Jesus is victorious!~

Hallelujah!~ Hallelujah!~ Hallelujah!